Grateful for a chilly morning, but my garden list is as long as my arm. So, today’s plans is to tackle that list and enjoy the fresh crisp air.

I admire those who are so self-focused and listen to nothing.

I’m grateful for another day of blue skies and a rising sun along the beautiful ridge line. I’m grateful for my practice of cultivating embodied awareness.

Grateful for ongoing spiritual awakenings, for a design for living that really works, for a gentle and loving spouse, for the blessings received during these Covid times and to be able to look for and see those blessings.

Peace. ✌🏻

Grateful for a quiet morning, a weekend of rain — so peaceful and soothing, for being warm and dry inside my home, for hot matcha tea, and for plant care.

Grateful for hot water in washing the dishes. Hot water is a balm to the soul. I can wash and wash for hours.

Grateful for a good night’s rest, healthy food options, healing, smiles, remembering how to play and have fun, encouragement, and moringa tea.

Suddenly so much that seemed important doesn’t matter any more.

It’s been a long winter but plum blossoms sing of hope — Spring is coming and soon there will be fruits.

We come. We go. Meanwhile, a small songbird sings and lifts effortlessly into the air from a tender branch. Who is more free?

But I’ve heard it said that there is no coming and going. 🤷🏻‍♀️

My kalanchoe fedtschenkoi decided to bloom after the storm last week.

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