I’m still getting used to complete sentences and articulate, measured speech as opposed to ‘burble hiddlepump, TREMENDOUS words!’

And even a sign language interpreter, what a difference a day makes!

It’s the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.

Happy New Year, America! 🎇

from this…

coleus seedlings top view
most of them are about two inches in height
coleus plug

to this…

sleepy even though I took a long nap this afternoon…

art goal for 2021:

– to be open for possibilities
– listen to creative whispers
– rediscover and fine tune my artistic self

One of the coleuses just won’t stop flowering and I’ve already missed the point where I should have pinched the buds. Coleus experts say that unchecked blooming will cause the plant to go into decline.

Oh well…

But hey, check its roots out! it’s living its best in leca in a lechuza self-watering pot.

All we can do for now is take it day by day…

She’s into scrapbooking these days while I am into more creative photography.

I forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because I deserve peace. ✌🏻

Birkin is finally giving me that more white variegated leaf.
Light does really matters…

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