Zen zumai (zen way of living) upright, absorbed precisely into reality as it is, really creates my every step in life.

Right here; right now; this breath; this heartbeat. Life is lived exactly as we find it.

I can’t imagine living any other way.

Zen has a phrase: wabi zumai… this means a quiet way of living. It seems today we may have a great opportunity to live this quiet thoughtful way.

Plot twist. Aliens are finally sending cure to earth.

Nah! this is just an asteroid that safely passed by earth early this morning. No damage or impact done. But there’s still one more passing by at 3pm, a smaller asteroid according to NASA.

(video clip by: sorry, I forgot!)

We should be lifting each other up
And cheering each other on
Not trying to outshine one another.
The sky would be awfully dark with just one star.

“It is in the present moment that life, peace, joy, happiness, and well-being are possible.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh

“Everything is changing. Whatever you pass, don’t cling to it. Eventually the mind will reach its natural balance where practice is automatic. All things will come and go of themselves.”
― Ajahn Chah

“To the degree that you condemn and find evil in others, you are to that degree unconscious of the same thing in yourself.”
— Alan Watts

little things that matter

“Only those who have cultivated the art of living completely in the present have any use for making plans for the future. For when the plans mature they will be able to enjoy the results.”
— Alan Watts

five liner dzogchen teachings:

prolong not the past
invite not the future
do not alter your innate wakefulness
don’t fear appearances
there is nothing more than that

it’s interesting that a five lines like that is an entire teaching, we could spend our life with just those five lines.

Learning a greater degree of acceptance and equanimity with imperfect circumstances. I’m able much more now to weather tough things and respond more resiliently.

Pema says, “lighten up” and that’s resolution enough for me today.

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