Grateful for a good night’s rest, healthy food options, healing, smiles, remembering how to play and have fun, encouragement, and moringa tea.

Suddenly so much that seemed important doesn’t matter any more.

It’s been a long winter but plum blossoms sing of hope — Spring is coming and soon there will be fruits.

Planning to use film cameras this year. One camera and one roll of film at a time.

grateful for first rain of the month…

it’s best paired with pizza…

and corona…

“It is in the present moment that life, peace, joy, happiness, and well-being are possible.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh

“Everything is changing. Whatever you pass, don’t cling to it. Eventually the mind will reach its natural balance where practice is automatic. All things will come and go of themselves.”
― Ajahn Chah

“To the degree that you condemn and find evil in others, you are to that degree unconscious of the same thing in yourself.”
— Alan Watts

slow days


“Where you stand, where you are, that’s what your life is right there, regardless of how painful it is or how enjoyable it is. That’s what it is.”
— Taizan Maezumi

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